Thursday, October 4, 2012

Birthday Post!

The Green Man celebrated 5 years in business last weekend.  It was amazing to have so many friends stop by or send messages.    There is no way I can individually thank all the people who have helped us make it this far, we really are part of the community here, and without that community we wouldn't exist.  So, to all who have crossed our threshold in the last 5 years thank you.  Many of you have also made your way into our hearts(where you will forever stay, trapped), thank you so much for your support.  Thank you for your encouragement, and thank you for bringing me cookies. All the celebrating has made me a  wee bit sentimental so I've been poring through photos looking back at some of the awesome things we've been involved in over the years.

Here's what we looked like a week before opening back in 2007:

That's the electrician you can see in the shot.  He finally got us hooked up a week AFTER we opened!  We had to run an extension cord from the coffee shop next door(thanks guys) to operate the cash register, and we lit the dressing room with flashlights!
We've organized guerilla  style fashion shows, fashion competitions, video shoots, sets for artists, and had photo shoots aplenty.

A candid shot from a fall shoot with Overman at Woodleigh Replicas.  Sometimes you just can't find a babysitter, so sometimes the kids become part of the shoot.

Some models get a little ... feisty. 

From a fashion fundraiser  for Anderson House.  The beautiful work of designer Kinza Mae Baker photographed by Katelyn Fraser.

Another shoot with photographer Katelyn Fraser.  Make-up by Savannah Belsher, hair by Michael Phillips (if you're in Halifax go find this man at One Block Barbershop and let him do whatever he wants to your hair). 

Shooting a promo video with film maker Jeremy Larter
From a shoot with Sketch-22 (NSFW).

Beautiful work by  photographer Mark Yammine.

A candid shot from 'Bricolage' an evening of live art at the Alibi Lounge.
Shot of an installation I did for 'Warming Up' at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery

From a collaboration between local artists and designers.

I can't even begin to describe the evening this was created for.  I collaborated with Marie Fox  to create costumes for an evening titled Iris Mercurial.  It featured art, film, and the poetry of John MacKenzie. A haunting and beautiful evening.

Just two of the costumes I got to work on when Cirque Du Soleil came to town.  A dream come true, and something I never really imagined would happen!
A shot of Kinza and I in dresses we designed by photographer Matt Bowness. 

There are just so many events and happenings we have been asked to be a part of over the years  it's impossible to post pics of everything here.  But I'll leave you with a few pics from this Summer just past.

The North Lakes roof top show!

Super fun balloon creatures Matt Bowness and I created for Art in the Open.   
The Green Man on our birthday!!  Thanks Sheri for all your help with the bunting(bunting!!)!  And thanks for all  the pics along the way too.

And don't be fooled.  This little retrospective(full of huge holes!)  doesn't mean the end, there are many more projects already in the works!  Thank you Nannie and Grammie!! 

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