Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some mornings, while your floating and bobbing around in the tub you tell yourself  'Hurry up Caseley.  You still have to get dressed and (hopefully) brush your hair.' . But instead of listening to that inner dialogue you continue reading Patti Smith's 'Just Kids', because lets face it, what she did in New York in the 60's is infinitely more fascinating than digging through the dirty laundry  closet. And when you eventually manage to put the book down and climb out (wishing while you race by in insufficient toweledge that the front door wasn't wide open, or that at the very least that there weren't two strange men in conversation right outside of it) you are already almost certain to be late.
All will be explained.

This is when the adrenalin kicks in.

Your sensible side says 'Put on the black dress with short puffed sleeves and a belt and go.'.  But the other side, the ...less sensible side(?) says 'Hmmm....let's see...what is at the bottom of the T-shirt drawer? There must be some good stuff down there...'. At this point you have the black dress on and have already tried three belts, but it's just not working.  'Why doesn't this dress work today?' You ask yourself.  But you already know the answer.  You  decided -whilst floating around the circumference of your big pink tub- that today was an arm party kind of day.  So before putting on the easy dress you bangled up the arms.  And then you ringed the fingers.  And now all the bangles and rings are outshining the dress and you just look ridiculous.  And what's a girl to do?    If you remove the bracelets, bangles, and rings the 10 minutes you spent clashing and co-ordinating the right mix of pieces will have been wasted.  And there is no time this morning for wasted moments!!

The dress is off.  We're pretty much starting from scratch here.  Me and the bracelets that is.  The clock is ticking, the baby has just peed on the floor at you feet, and you can not possibly make the walk to work without some music in your ears and where the Hell have the ear buds gone?

And that is how I came to leave the house this morning dressed in a skin tight pencil skirt and obnoxiously printed, polyester, fluorescent pink, tulip shirt.  Arms a bangled, rings a plenty. My 9 year olds back pack on and a satchel that is identical to the one my Mom uses, and lets face it, my Mom is old enough to be my Mom, so you know without even seeing it how awesome the bag is(love you Mommy).  And, because of  'the foot' (you just can't get a foot run over by a car and not have some consequences), an ugly a sensible pair of boots and mismatched socks.
 To all I encountered on the walk to the store this morning, my apologies. And especially to the khaki panted young man eating a sandwich whom I fell into perfect step with for half a block(once I get locked in to those things it's hard to break free)(did I mention I was also eating?)(We were racing!  Racing for the corner!  I was horrified on his behalf). If that damn ear bud hadn't slipped out of my slippery earhole(gross!)I predict we would still be racing through the streets of this town and on and on into the sunset and beyond(or at least to the ocean's edge. That's where I draw the line).
Know what's even more awkward than these pics...

Getting caught by some tourists....

And now I remember why I don't ever use my webcam. It's really crappy. Deal with it.

My bracelets are: two cool resin bangles by Overman, one leather band that was once upon a time meant to be a Christmas present for a friend(yeah, I did it again.  Sorry Kinnie.), and two awesome chunky metal chain things that I took home to 'price'. The rings are a big jumble of stuff including the Alice in Wonderland ring I got for graduating from grade 9(yay me!) and two of the three sterling silver rings that I bought for me with my own money from my first 'real' job when I was 15(and that was probably the last time I had any cash lying around that I could do that sort of thing with).

standing on my desk chair, trying to take these pics.

And the reason for this post?  I think it was intended to be about these shoes:

I designed them on the Converse website, and then when I tried to order them was informed that I can't.  Because I'm in Canada.   So really what I'm trying to say is, Converse, you made me late for work. The black dress, and the arm party, and the custom Chucks would have worked together in a perfectly harmonious cacophony.  The end.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Ottoman Empire

I've been following the antics of local bloggers Christopher and Craig for a few months now(before and afters galore!!), and I decided to do a little investigating and find out what exactly they are up to. To see for yourself check them out here:
The Ottoman cuties at home. Photo cred to Nancy  Thomas

1.What the heck is  The Ottoman Empire? And what the heck do you do?

GAWD! The pressure... The Ottoman Empire is the name we chose that represents our dreams of building an empire based on ottomans, or more importantly, interior design. We do interior designing and decorating, project management, staging, personal shopping/sourcing and public speaking engagements. I am sure there are other things we can do but we've not yet been asked, so ask away!

2. Would you rather be subjected to ugly surroundings and a delicious meal, or an average meal served in amazing surroundings?

Average meal with amazing surroundings. The surroundings will also help feed us. 

3. Herring bone or glen check?

Herring bone.

4. Wood - paint it or leave it?

Both. If it is an heirloom or legacy piece you should leave it, but if not, grab the paint and go! 

5. When decorating a room, what is the biggest mistake people make? 

We think there are 2 big mistakes that people make:
1. Being afraid to make a mistake - so often people are unable to make any changes to their current surroundings because they are afraid to make a mistake.  They're literally paralyzed by second-guessing their every move, and end up just living with things the way they are because they're not confident in their decisions.  Just jump in people.  If you don't like it, then don't be afraid to change it.
2. Not making it personal - People are often afraid to incorporate personal elements and instead go for a "look". However, people often dislike their spaces so making them more personal makes them more enjoyable and helps them last.  

6. When assessing a home for Ottoman Empire-ability what do you look for? 

Balance. What does this home have and what can we bring to it? The balance of those two questions has to be right or it isn't right home for us.  
The Church!  Yeah, they own a church! Photo cred goes once again to Nancy Thomas.

7. How do you feel about trends in home decorating? Does staying current add value to day to day living?  If I like my stencilled heart wall shouldn't I keep my stencilled hearts?  

Trends are fun and interesting to look at, but not always realistic. Staying current can mean having the latest throw pillow that cost $75 and that we can support. However, what happens if you purchase a new couch for 3k and if looks obviously out of fashion within a year? There are ways of staying current without breaking the bank.  You should only keep your stenciled hearts if they tie in with the rest of the room and are balanced with well chosen accessories and furniture. 

8 .What if my hearts number in the hundreds and are Pepto-Bismal pink?
Are you trying to convince yourself of something? 

9. You have a tendency toward restoration.  To what point? In your opinion should a home built in the 1940's be restored to a 1940's style? What about a home from the 80's?

Once again, it goes back to balance. We believe you can restore a house and have modern elements in it but the mix has to be just right. Being a purist, so restoring something exclusively to a particularly period, isn't really our style and in the end would be a bit stifling. You can be true to an era without recreating it. As for the 80s, not sure enough time has yet passed for us to think there is anything fabulous about that time frame except Samantha Fox and Video Hits. 
You can learn WAY more about Christopher and Craig and what they do by checking out their blog, and as I mentioned earlier, Before and Afters Galore(scroll down, waaaaay down. They make you work for the pay off)!!  And you can follow them on Twitter , where if  you are anything like me you will feel immense envy as you follow their adventures antiquing around the Maritimes. 

Blog Fail.

Wow.  Just wow.  What can I say.  Huge failure on the May photo challenge.  And even Bigger failure on  'getting back to blogging' .  All I can do is apologize and assure you it will never happen again.  Unless of course it does(highly probable).  I promised pics waaaaaaaaay back in May of our new T-shirt line, and shots from The North Lakes roof top show.  I can deliver at least a few of those, and all thanks to the uber talented(and fun to have around) Sheri (the awesome) Inman.
Our tags!  Rorschach was a looker.  Who knew?
And the window of the store the morning we launched them:

Check out my amazing modeling skills!

And that's all I've got.  Sorry. Except for this, he was a huge help.  I don't know how we would have done it without him.
This picture is documented proof that he spent time in a playpen.  It was a grand total of maybe 3 minutes, but there you go.

 We sold a lot of shirts that day, and have continued to do so.  In fact I've only got one in the store right now...I guess I know what I'm doing this week(making more shirts).
 Here's a few crappy pics of me wearing the shirts in the very early morning with very little sleep the night before.  I can't believe I'm actually going to post these, but I promised you shirt pictures, and what I promise I deliver. Even if it's many months later(please don't go read through all my other posts and send me emails about all the other things I said I'd write about but didn't.).  These are a few different styles Kinza Baker and I stayed up late working on.  I promised to take pics in the morning and email them to her, and that is the only defense I have for these.
Wow.  That is one tired lady. But check out that Rorschacked bow!

Back Rorschach!
Yep.  That is how tired and grumpy I look every morning.

There you go.  Worst pictures of me ever??  I wish.  Worst pictures of me on the internet??  Possibly(in all honesty probably not).  And now onward and upward!  The North Lakes on the roof of The Green Man!  So much fun!

Setting up...
Rocking out.

Rorschirts AND The North Lakes! Doesn't get any better.
There you go blog promises fulfilled.  Want to hear what The Lakes sound like? Try here.