Thursday, May 3, 2012

Started yet another photo-a-day challenge.  My sister and I tried doing one together a few months ago.  I did pretty good for the first week or two...

But I'm not about to let past failures stand in my way.  I'm going to try again.  Here's yesterdays pic:

 Here's the entire list:
Play along!  I'm pretty easy on myself.  I only let myself take a few shots, and I try not to stage anything.  Just find the pic naturally as the day progresses.  I've already found today's!!  Bold Colo(u)r.
Bold Color
These are just a few of the colours from a new mini-collection of shirts I've been working on with Kinza Mae Baker.  We launch on Saturday!!  I'm super excited.  I LOVE the shirts so much.  We've been working super hard to pull this together, and having a lot of fun too.  We'll be unleashing them on Charlottetown this weekend.  I suggest coming by The Green Man sometime around 1:00.  There might be some other happenings happening as well.  Just saying.


  1. yeah but did you make any XXL ... hmm or is it XXXL I need..... or just XL... damn.....

  2. We have a somewhat random selection of colours and sizes at present. But the great thing is we can do custom sizes and colours! And, if we get a good reception there will be more shirts to come!