Friday, May 4, 2012

....And eventually I was made aware that yesterday was in fact May 3rd and not May 2nd as everyone(me) seemed to believe.  Which means I was actually behind on my photo a day challenge before I even got started. But that's okay.  I'm back now with Day 3:

And of course day 4:
black and white 
The top pic is of the window sill above my kitchen sink.  It is a revolving display of what's happening in my home at any given time, and there always seems to be something sprouting or reviving itself in a glass of water perched up there. I love the little trick of regrowing your green onions in a glass of water.  Why not?

The bottom pic is a close up shot of one of the new shirts I've been working on for The Green Man.  We'll finally be launching them tomorrow, and it's double the excitement around here as The North Lakes are launching their new album  Grand Prix tomorrow as well.  I'll get lots of pics and links and try and post all tomorrow.  Along with my May 5th pic - zoom.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Started yet another photo-a-day challenge.  My sister and I tried doing one together a few months ago.  I did pretty good for the first week or two...

But I'm not about to let past failures stand in my way.  I'm going to try again.  Here's yesterdays pic:

 Here's the entire list:
Play along!  I'm pretty easy on myself.  I only let myself take a few shots, and I try not to stage anything.  Just find the pic naturally as the day progresses.  I've already found today's!!  Bold Colo(u)r.
Bold Color
These are just a few of the colours from a new mini-collection of shirts I've been working on with Kinza Mae Baker.  We launch on Saturday!!  I'm super excited.  I LOVE the shirts so much.  We've been working super hard to pull this together, and having a lot of fun too.  We'll be unleashing them on Charlottetown this weekend.  I suggest coming by The Green Man sometime around 1:00.  There might be some other happenings happening as well.  Just saying.