Friday, February 10, 2012

Tea Time

In my last post I mentioned a little photo challenge I gave myself.  In the past few weeks I've had a few photographers in and around the house helping me get some shots for my new Etsy store. -Thank you Matt and Sheri!!- this made me realize a few things:
#1 - I have some pretty great friends who always seem willing to help regardless of what I propose.
#2 - I take very few still life shots.  With three adorable kids I never seem to need to shoot anything still.
#3 - I need to learn to take better still life shots as I can't expect people to take all my Etsy pics for me.
So I decided to take pictures of my daily cup of tea.  Generally tea time happens when the big kids are at school, the little guy is taking a nap, and I am furiously trying to get something done online(and/or procrastinating).  I didn't plan the shots ahead of time, I just tried to find an interesting way of shooting what I had when I had it.  You'll be able to tell that one or two shots were taken a bit more thoughtfully than the rest.  Anyway, here goes:
Sunday - This was an awesome pot of tea.  The kids were at the in-laws, hubby and baby were fast asleep, I had a stack of catalogues from the 1960's, the sun was shining.  It was great.  This tea was Ti Kwan Yin for anyone interested.
Monday - Tea while I work.  I'm not entirely sure what this was...probably a green jasmine combo?  Or possibly green with some mint thrown in? Dunno.

Tuesday - I had a lot to accomplish Tuesday, which for some reason means I decided to play around a bit.  I guess I felt this tea deserved a bit of showing off.  Snowy Mountain Genmai.  Or just Genmai.  The white popcorny bits are popped rice kernels.  It has a deep nutty popcorny flavour.  Probably not a good tea to try if you are new to green teas, but one I enjoy every now and then.

Wednesday - Wednesday's tea was a coffee.

Thursdays tea disappeared for a while.  By the time I found it(hiding in this plant) I had already brewed another one.  Thursday turned into a two teas at once day!  And as I type this I wonder: Why didn't I take a picture of both teas together? Answer: I've really no idea.  This was a  green sencha brewed far too long.

Fridays tea was ghetto tea.  Black tea bag in hot water.  Having taken a few minutes each day to photograph my tea meant I was quickly falling behind on many, many things.  Hence the ghetto tea.

Saturdays tea escapes me at present.  I believe it may be on the laptop which is currently refusing to acknowledge my presence.  If the laptop ever forgives me for whatever it is that it thinks I've done wrong and agrees to turn on again, I will be sure and post it for your viewing (dis)pleasure.  Please don't judge me by the filth of that keyboard...(I would if I were you though, so you're forgiven. Can we be friends again and pretend that you never saw that?).

Disclaimer: Actual days of the week may not in reality correspond to days when photos were taken(I work from home Monday? Tuesday? what's the difference?).


  1. As I type this on my embarassingly filthy keyboard I notice you don't seem to have a favourite cup or mug. I think of strange things.... oh and the last cup is chipped be careful....

  2. I feel the need to clarify for you. The Double Bubble mug has been a long time favorite, but due to the chip I am slowly trying to wean myself off of it. The glass double walled mug is a new purchase and is fast becoming a favorite as it has a lid so I can keep my beverages warm. The large white mug is the default - but I find them a little too large for everyday use. And I alwasy use a small cup when drinking from a tea pot -Why this is I can not say. It just is.