Friday, February 3, 2012

Attempting to carve out time in my day(s) to get back to blogging.  One post in the last 5 months is pretty pathetic.  But I have a very good excuse.  See:
Isn't he amazing? Julian is 5 months old now, and our routine is happening on a somewhat predictable basis(I probably just jinxed myself), so I am starting to ease my way back into the world.  I am currently helping on the Art Dept. Team of a short film called 'Sweethearts'.  Written by my dear friend Ann Thurlow and directed by up and comer Jenna MacMillan it is a great little tale of love and romance and the choices we make.  And food.  The food in this film really is playing a role in and of itself.  Well a few roles really.  You'll have to wait and see the finished piece to understand what I mean.  It promises to be a visually delightful little piece.  The Green Man is serving as a set - the lead character owns a vintage clothing store - so there will be lots of very cute vintage looks throughout. Super excited to see this one come together.
See some of Jenna's work here:

I've also been slowly pulling together an Etsy store!  It's finally up and running, though the selection is still quite small.  I turned our living room into a photo studio and used naptimes to snap pics for two weeks, so I have lots of pieces to list, I just need to find the time to list them!  You can check out what is already available here:

That has been keeping my time pretty much tied up - along with all the day to day stuff of raising three kids (Oh the laundry! My God the Laundry!)  I've started giving myself some little daily photo challenges to keep me creative - and to improve my still life shots - so stayed tuned to see the results of week one. 

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  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to more adventures from the Greenmangirl.