Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mmmm... Italian Picnics!

Okay, I haven't had a lot of free time to peruse all the shows yet, but here are a few highlights(in my opinion) from one of my favorites Dolce and Gabbanna.

Very rarely do these two talented  Italians go wrong.  They just understand Old World glamour and relate it well to the modern woman.  I don't recall ever seeing a collection from them that didn't ooze sexiness.  So, how about Spring/Summer 2012?  Awesome.  Amazing.  Adorable.  For the most part.

Did I mention the word sexy?  The printed dresses were the highlight for me.  The perfect mix of rock-a-billy and 1950's movie star, but without the cliche cherry and floral prints, instead we get: 
Sexy Tomatoes!
Sexy Red Onions!
Sexy Eggplant!
And more Sexy Eggplants!
There were also sexy red pepper dresses and sexy zucchini dresses.  Amazing!  Is anyone else hungry?

Next came a selection of crocheted pieces that I suppose were meant to be picnic blanketesque.  You know, to go with all the veggies, but they were just filler in my opinion, it was a big show and the crocheted bits weren't really needed.

  My next favorite pieces came all in black!
Gorgeous, but a hard silhouette to wear. 

Then there's this.  Sigh.  For clearing up after the picnic I suppose?
And the diapers.  Why do designers continue to try to make chic diapers?

At least Stefano and Domenico made formal diapers too!
And the show ended with a selection of crazily embellished party frocks.  And this.  Which really I think I might pick up.  It might be useful to have in the back of the closet should the occasion to wear it ever arise.

One thing I don't understand about the last few seasons, is all the color and embellishment!  If you look at fashion throughout the history of the modern world, you can track the economy through the clothing.  Poor economies tend to bring about dull colored clothing -lots of neutrals, longer hemlines, and clothing that in general is fairly no nonsense and fitted to the body.  When the economy swings upward we get brighter colors, higher hemlines, plunging necklines etc.  Either todays designers don't read newspapers, or they've decicded to ignore all the economic doom and gloom.  I'm with them, I mean if I'm going to lose my shirt, it better be a fabulous one!

One more note on Dloce and Gabbanna, they also showed their last collection for the D&G line this season.  Next season they are merging the two lines(which I suppose is really their reaction to the economy).  The final D&G line is worth a gander.  Everything is flowy and billowy and looks like it was constructed from Hermes scarves.  Really.

And an apology for any odd spellings and/or grammar.  The combination of lack of sleep and no spell check is sure to take its toll on this post.

And I stole  borrowed, all these pics from the Marie Claire site.  Thanks Marie!


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  1. I love the overtly romantic style of dress toned down with everyday produce. I eat cherries twice a year maybe, but red onions are reliable and beautiful. Maybe that's where the economic effects are coming in, making staple foods luxurious!