Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yes, I've been ignoring you...

I have done more than just ignore my blog lately, I have pretended it never even existed.  It's not intentional.  I just have other things on my mind.  One thing really.  Our newest family member, and when he/she will arrive.  It's still early, my due date is a week and a half away - I'm trying not to obsess too much - but I'm anxious to finally meet and hold this little one in my arms.  The idea of three kids is pretty intimidating, especially when we run our own business, but I think we're up for the challenge.  Gabe and Scarlet are amazing little helpers, and are almost as anxious to meet ZuZu as I am.  Yeah, that's right, ZuZu!  It's meant to be a nickname, a way to help the kids bond with their new sibling, but I begin to suspect it may stick even after babe is born and given it's official name(on the subject of names, anyone have any good ones?  We're still up in the air). 

So please forgive the lack of posts.    But all my sewing projects have been baby related(and I'm now just too uncomfortable to spend more then a few minutes at the sewing machine), and every time I get online with the intention of reviewing a Fall/Winter line I end up reading birth stories for hours on end.  I haven't even been taking many pictures lately.  But, I promise to take lots of pics when little ZuZu decides to arrive. 
Zu, the rockstar, and I at the beach.
In the meantime, if you're in our area, I recommend checking out the Popalopalots at The Guild.  A very talented group of improv actors who are sure to make you laugh out loud. 

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