Saturday, July 16, 2011

One Thousand Flowers

You may not have known that I'm married to a rockstar. Well, I am. I may have mentioned it before, you can hear a little of what he does in this pretty little piece filmed by Millefiore Clarkes, and at the same time you can check out a few things from the store!

The Green Man from Millefiore Clarkes on Vimeo.

You can also see the Green Man in this piece she shot for This Town is Small with Catherine MacLellan.

Catherine MacLellan - Trickle Down Rain from This Town Is Small on Vimeo.

And there's another one too!  Go back to the This Town is Small Vimeo profile to check it out.

I recently got in touch with Millefiore as I had a few questions that demanded answers.

How does living on an island effect your film making?  Do you think living on a better(read: bigger) island would help you create better films?
I think living on an island effects art-making in general - whether it be filmmaking or other. The thing about art is that at it's core is the artist's gaze. The creative process requires the creator to be able to listen to the world around them as it filters through the world inside. There's less cacophony here - so it's easier to listen.
Who would you rather marry - Christopher Guest or Peter Jackson?
PJ. He made one of my favourite films 'Heavenly Creatures'. But 'Best is Show' casts a strong vote for Christopher. Can you give me a better-looking option?
You seem to make a lot of music inspired pieces, would you rather be a musician?
I'm great just the way I am. But yes, I must admit I do feel the allure of sweaty cheering crowds, free bar-tabs, and old vans. 
Though practicing the piano was always more of a chore than a joy, I would say musicality factors heavily into what I do. Rhythm is the heart of editing. It's all rhythm, man.
I watched your video for ' If My Silence' by The Meantime on Vimeo.  There's a rumor going around that the girl in the video is actually fake walking in front of a green screen!  The stride looks so natural to me, can you put the rumors to rest?
I'm a documentarian at heart - so nothing I film is fake. That girl (who goes by the name of Kelly Caseley during daylight hours) is REALLY fake-walking. Nothing made-up about it.
What's the best film/doc you haven't made yet? Human child raised by sharks,  Where Have all the Payphones gone, or Oh No!  Not Another Bonobo!
The best film I haven't made yet is the one that penetrates the inner psyche of the collective human unconscious and unlocks the potential in all our potential. It's a film that makes people want to vote for Elizabeth May, pay more taxes to house the homeless, be satisfied with less (unless they need more), and wander daily in transcendent amazement and respect for the swirling unknowable mind-bending miracle of all that is. Something like 'Baraka'. 

What more can I say?  Millefiore Clarkes ladies and gents.  Another very talented Island girl documenting and exposing the work of other talented Islanders(that fake walker girl deserves some recognition).  Go to her website and watch it all. You won't be disappointed.  Did I mention her short doc December in Toronto has been viewed a bazillion times(I think that's the scientific terminology for 92,400)?  And the music is by none other then my aforementioned rockstar husband?

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