Monday, June 6, 2011

Tag - your it

I'm making tags!  Why the hell not?  It's not like I have anything better to do with my time...I'm totally procrastinating from about a zillion things.  But, I was inspired to make tags this morning, so making tags I am.
Not only am I making tags, I'm also taking pictures as I do it.  And now I'm forcing you to look at them!  Muwah Ha Ha!  My evil plan is working!  I refuse to procrastinate on my own! 
And now that I'm done I have to find everything in the store that I've made and stitch one of these babies into it.  Which unfortunately is only about 3 things right now.  But when that's done - in 2 minutes time - I can do a bit of this:
Yep.  That is what it appears to be.  I'm painting(destroying?) lace with dirt.  Cause you know that's just the kind of thing I do.   It's for the Art at The Green Man show coming to our window late this month.  I'm meeting with the other designers(and our photographer) tonight, so hopefully I'll have an update and more of Sheri's awesome pics on Tuesday or Wednesday.  To see a glimpse from our first meeting have a look here. 

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