Friday, June 24, 2011

Sunshine and Scarlet

Notice Scarlet's baby sling for her lamb?  We went fabric shopping as I plan to make my own baby sling.  I spent a lot slightly a lot more than I had intended, but it's a baby!  I mean, come on, how many more am I gonna have right?

We finally had a day of sunshine and warmth yesterday, so Scarlet and I got outside to enjoy as much of it as possible.

My friend Janet surprised us with a helium balloon for Scarlet, and a matching rose for me!  The balloon definitely added to her enjoyment of the day.  We checked out the new exhibit at The Confederation Centre Art Gallery - very cool.  A must see.  The official opening is Saturday June  25th at 7:00.  There are bees and fibre installations and many many other awesome and wonderful things to see.

We took a break from the sunshine at midday and did a little bit of dyeing.  I was inspired by the amazing shades of silk Erin showed us at our last designers meet-up.   So, turmeric and lace in hand I dove straight in.

A few tablespoons of spice boiling away in half a pot of water - I believe in the scientific method.It's all about precision folks.

Wow!  That is really yellow!  And for some reason I still went ahead and did it.
After it dried and I realized how uber yellow it was I attempted to wash out some of the turmeric.  I managed to dull it somewhat, but I am still amazed at the intensity you can get from this particular spice.  I've also dyed some of this lace in tea, and with my dirt painted shirt I thought all the natural colors would work well together.  But that yellow is going to be hard to fit in.  Wish me luck.  The designers and I are meeting tonight with our photographer, so I'll get everyone's opinion.  
Scarlet comparing the before and after.  She has arms.  I swear.

Our dyeing done we waited for Gabe to come home from school and then we hit the waterfront.

Yep, the balloon came too!
One last awesome thing from our day.  Overman (who definitely deserves his own post) was manning the Green Man counter for me, and he made this: 
How awesome is that? 

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