Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just a few bits of news I thought deserved to be boxed up and tied with a bow.  First of all - get thee to the Confederation Centre Art Gallery.  I have an installation piece in the emerging artists gallery, part of an exhibit there called Warming  Up.  The pieces all deal with music and the music scene in and around Charlottetown.  It was amazing to get a chance to do a piece for the Gallery, and to have my work showcased alongside so many other amazing artists.  the exhibit is only on display until the 19th, so get going.  Quick!

Extra special giant hugs and thank-yous to Roger Carter and Adam Gallant without whom the sound element of my music 'room' would have been absent, and also to Linda Wigmore(the voice on the phone) and Matt Bowness for volunteering to help with all the grunt work(a pregnant lady with a broken foot is not very good at grunt work - trust me). 

There will be no 'Art at The Green Man' update this week.  We are all busy being busy and were unable to meet this week(and I was too embarrassed having accomplished nothing since we last met).  We have a tentative date set for Wednesday of next week, so I'll be sure to post pics as soon as they arrive in my inbox.  On the weekend a friend suggested that we do this every few months and at the end of the year have a fashion show/gallery exhibit to show off all the pieces together.  Damien - I like the way you think.  I may have to step back from actually making anything for the next few months(new borns really have a way of taking up ALL your spare time), but I can certainly(attempt to) organize folks.  If anyone is interested in providing artwork for this or in making something inspired by someone's artwork please get in touch.

I posted several weeks back about a set design I was working on.  The crew has finished shooting and have been editing like mad.  They've started posting episodes online.  If you're interested you can see it here.  Watch closely I make a brief appearance in episode 2.  

I almost forgot.  I recently won ad space on another blog.  Check out Kitsch Cafe.  A great collection of vintage, fashion and lifestyle posts...remind you of anything?

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  1. I owe someone a photo credit fo rthe pic from the gallery. Donnalee? Mikey?