Monday, June 20, 2011

How My Childhood self Imagined I Would Dress as an Adult

I generally avoid scouring the Fall/Winter shows until mid Summer to avoid over-exposure to trendy colors etc.  But with the miserable weather we've been having I've finally accepted the fact that there may not be a Summertime this year, and that we are moving straight into Fall.  So I gave in this morning and perused a few shows.  And to my surprise I kept finding pieces that reminded me of how I dressed as a kid(it may or may not have something to do with the fact that I was digging through old photos all weekend).
To begin.  Balenciaga:
I spent most of my childhood in the eighties, and what eighties child didn't covet mesh?  How I longed for a proper mesh top that I could pair with a scanty tube top.  Did I ever own one? No.  I instead had the more appropriate grade two version.  A t-shirt with half a mesh tank sewn on the front.  It wasn't exactly what I was after, but it was better than nothing.  What else does this model have that every fashion loving girl in the eighties needed?  You guessed it, blue eyeshadow.  And if my grade two self had been allowed to wear eyeshadow it probably would have been applied quite similarly to this models-more on my make-up prowess later. 
Next up, two looks from Betsey Johnson.  If we are going to talk childhood dressing and we are going to talk eighties then we are going to talk Betsey Johnson.  The above look has all that amazing distressed black denim.  I don't know if I actually wore denim in the early eighties, but if I had it probably would have looked similar to this.  I have a VERY distinct memory of sitting on a punk rockers lap riding home from a friends birthday party at West Ed Mall.  He had a mohawk that just wouldn't quit.  I was in love!  With his clothes! To this day I have an affinity for authentic punk style.  But who doesn't.
Betsey Johnson look number 2:
Head to toe purple?  Head to toe pattern?  What young child doesn't want to wear this? Okay, my daughter doesn't.  But she would love these pants.  She'd just wear them with pink sparkly shoes, a striped t-shirt and a polka-dot scarf(I think Betsey would approve).
I LOVED the Betsey show.  I cannot stress enough how awesome it was.  Go and look it up right now.  But come back when your done please!!  I also love that she's started a new line Pink Patch, that is sort of a re-hash of all her best sellers, only everything is under $100!  Brilliant.  Thank you Betsey.
This Mui Mui dress could have been in one of several family portraits from about 1982-1987.  The years that my only dressy dresses were crazy drop waisted abominations.  The turquoise green one with giant white polks-dots still haunts me to this day(it suddenly occurs to me that actual pics from my actual childhood may have  served this post well)(if you really want to see them just stop by the house some day and I'll drag out several boxes full of photos for you to peruse).  The Mui Mui show had a very strong forties vibe and has some absolutely gorgeous pieces.  Not to be missed.
This delectable Elie Saab piece made the cut today simply because it is one beautiful piece from a beautiful show.  And because it's red.  And every single day of grade one I wore a red dress, and a name tag that said -Kelly-  cause that's my name.  This may or may not be an accurate story.  There are a lot of pictures of me in the same little red dress, and I remember distinctly how well it twirled when I spun around, so that's good enough for me.
Does this Elie Saab number remind you of anything eighties?  Hmmm?  Think musical  Okay, well, it reminded me of this:
Now do you see it?  My sister had a black dress with a glove on it and the word 'Thriller', and they were made of silver sequins!!  Life is so cruel!  I had nothing, nothing to compare.  To this day I love anything that I can wear that will create a little disco party in the sun, and distract people whilst they drive me about.  And on the 'Thriller' note, we come to my last picture for today's post.  It's not so much for the dress - no offense Dame Vivien Westwood - you know I love you darling- it's for the model's styling.  Specifically the make-up.  During 'Thriller's' heyday my sister and I both went to dance classes.  Jazz to be precise.  And when the big end of the year show came around what song did my sister get to dance to?  You guessed it -Thriller.  She was all zombiefied and cool looking.  Ripped up clothes and crazy make-up.  What song did I get to dance to?  I have no idea what it was, but it was not cool.  I was dressed in a little twirly polka-dot dress with a white fake-straw hat on(okay, so maybe it was a little bit cool).  I had a pretty little parasol etc etc.  Definitely not Thriller cool.  So the second we got home, before my Dad had a chance to get pictures of us in our costumes, I ran into the bathroom and gave myself one giant black lipstick eyebrow - cool.  And that is how I appear in the pictures from that night.  Thanks for the reminder Dame Westwood!

So in celebration of childhood and Michael Jackson and all things early eighties, let's go put on pretty dresses and horrifying make-up!  

P.S. - I gathered all the pics for this post from  Enjoy.


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  1. I had a shirt that said 'Miami Mice' and there were two mice on it. One of the mice had a real earring in his ear!