Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HAT - Racoon Bandit from Adam Perry on Vimeo.

You may not have known that I'm married to a rockstar. Well, I am. And he's in this video. It's from Racoon Bandit's first album Campcraft.  Their new album - Into The Hills is available at The Green Man and Back Alley Music in Charlottetown, or to the world at large through the website racoonbandit.bandcamp.com. The video for Hat was made by local Island film maker Adam Perry. Adam is pretty busy these days, but I managed to get a few answers to some important questions.

Important stuff first:
1. You've recently been filming with Chef Michael Smith, do you now hate your own cooking?
Are you kidding? I'm learning how to cook from a world famous chef and I'm just imitating what he does. Simple and easy with classy results. I'm more than just a pretty face, Kelly.
2. You've been involved in a lot of comedic web-series' is that because you hate real film making?
Well I suppose that depends on your definition of "real film making" because I think creating a web series is the real deal.  

3. Who would you rather have as a Dad - Larry David or David Cross?
Larry David for sure. Can David Cross be my Mom? *I suppose just having a Dad would be nice. Growing up without a Dad was tough. Father's Day is never easy.*

Yes, Larry david can be your Dad, and David Cross can be your Mom.  But only if I'm your step-sister(and I get the bigger bedroom).

4. What's the one movie you need to make before you die?  Will it have a. a killer goldfish with a penchant    for  fine champagne  b. a young teenage girl allergic to movement or c. Jackie Chan with a serious stomach ailment?
They're all tough choices and I hate that I'm now thinking about my death, but I like B. I'm picturing a teenage girl strapped to a hospital bed, but it's not just her movement she's allergic to, it's all movement - so she wears double eye-patches and the bed is bolted to the floor. Did I mention she's a beautiful singer, because she is. An orderly makes youtube videos of her and she becomes bigger the Bieber.

I can't wait.  I'm going to start singing lessons.  I think that role is made for me - except for the whole teenager thing...can we shoot it with a super 8 camera?
5. And last but not least: Profile PEI has been called, and I quote(myself), 'The greatest media arts piece to ever be created in the maritimes'.  Who was your favorite character? Kellster or Jer Bear.  Think carefully Adam, very carefully.
Kellster for sure. Jer is a close second. But I like the guy in season 1 episode 20 @ 1:21seconds in
That guy was really good.  I don't know why he wasn't used more fully in the 2nd season.  His character had such depth and amazing potential.

Now the boring stuff:
Where should people go to find more of your film making prowess?
There's all kinds of oddball stuff here: http://vimeo.com/user1316245/videos
but my most recent work is Food Country: http://chefmichaelsmith.com/food-country/ WARNING: You'll learn something

*I have a Dad. He's awesome. I just felt like fibbing
I'm glad you came clean Adam - Dad's hate fibs.

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