Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Art at The Green Man!!!! We're almost ready...

Okay, I'm almost ready(ha!).  I don't know where Erin's project stands right now, but Kinza is finished!  So finished that she wore her dress to a wedding!  A wedding that happened last weekend!  But regardless of my seeming inability to pick up my skirt and actually work on it, I will complete it in time for Saturdays big reveal.  That's right I said it, Saturday.  If you happen to be in downtown Charlottetown this weekend to absorb the culture that is Canada Day weekend (You know, Meatloaf, face painting, fake tattoos - culture), or if you are downtown royal watching(Kate - stop by, I have a few dresses that would look totally fabu on you) try and get the crowds to push you by the front of The Green Man so you can see the final looks we have created inspired by Rhoda McLeod's awesome artwork.  Keep in mind however, the new window display doesn't go up until Saturday morning - that's July 2nd. 
So, since Kinza was finished her dress and wearing it hither and thither all week long we exempted her from our last meeting, and it was only Erin and Sheri who were forced to deal with me and my craziness.  Somewhere between meeting #2 and this meeting the color of my skirt totally changed color.  Really.  I swear.  At meeting #2 we all found a fabric in a color that we all thought worked with the top and with the painting.  Great.  I spent a few nights working on a skirt - it would have been one night had I actually used my measuring tape the first time around- I know better, I just don't always listen to myself.
Just trace the outline and cut right?  Note to self: stop talking to Kinza on the phone about how awesome it is that she finished her dress and gets to wear it to the wedding when you should be measuring things!
AND measure.  Measure before you cut.  Then you only have to waste one night working on a skirt that isn't the right color and has to be scrapped. 
I eventually made a skirt that was the right size, but the I tried my turmeric dyed lace with it, and it was ugly.  Yep, just plain ugly.  No nice way to say it.
With some color tweaking by Sheri it almost works.  Almost. 
My mannequin stood in the living room wearing the garish pink skirt with the even more garish turmeric lace pinned haphazardly to it, and every time I thought it might work I slipped my dirt painted shirt over next to it and everyone in the room would shudder in disgust. When I finally got a chance to show it to Erin and Sheri they did their best to keep the revulsion off their faces, and we tried everything we could think of to make it work.
This would(will) be an amazing skirt, it just doesn't work with the shirt.  And I have put a LOT of hours into the shirt.  I am not scrapping the shirt! 

In the end it came down to me finally agreeing that I needed to scrap the skirt and start fresh.  Which I intend to do - very soon(hopefully before Friday night).  I needed to distract myself from the failure and so decided to start my baby sling and to give myself a refresher course in the art of friendship bracelets. 

Back to the Art at The Green Man challenge.  Erin's dress is coming along fabulously.  I have cropped the pictures extensively as I don't want to give too much away.
Erin also started a new job and attended two weddings in the past week, and I think she's doing a pretty bang up job on her dress.  But you'll have to wait until Saturday to see!

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