Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The 2nd Meeting of the Minds

Monday night the designers taking part in the Art at The Greenman show all gathered for our second meeting of the minds.  It was a chance to show off our progress - and to share opinions, and to eat tasty snacks(thanks Sheri!). 
Kinza Mae started off our night of show and tell with some new sketches, and her latest fabric choice.  After our first meeting she was so fired up that she woke up and sketched out some new ideas in the middle of the night.

After showing us her fabric and sketches we proceeded to  thoroughly confuse her by trying our favorite fabric combinations.

 Then it was my turn.  If you remember our first meeting(here), you know I forgot to bring my fabric and my sketch book.  Luckily we met at my place this week thereby narrowing my chances of forgetting everything quite considerably.  I showed off my progress.   I showed off what I had initially forgotten.    
It's funny how you can think you have just the right mix of elements, until you show it off... speaking of showing off , doesn't the clay painted lace look awesome(pic above)?  I'm working on more today!=
Next up was the fabulous Erin Arsenault(Stay-stitched).  She has being doing a little fibre manipulation of her own.  Check out these amazing colors she got using dyes she made from foods!  So beautiful!  
I'd like to say I'm inspired by her amazing new colors she achieved, but I'm not, I'm jealous.  I've totally committed to painting with dirt, and Erin gets to play with onions and green tea and cabbages and spices. 

I can't get over the intensity of the colors she achieved.  Go turmeric!  
So we will all keep plowing through and hopefully by next Monday there will be more awesome pics by Sheri Inman(and maybe I'll remember I'm going to have my picture taken and brush my hair and put on a clean shirt.).  I hope to have my top fully painted and the final hemline cropped and stitched, and the base of my skirt cut and stitched.  My piece is so overly embellished it's crazy!  I'll post pics of the paintings we each chose soon as well! 

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