Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1st Meeting of The Minds

So I had the chance to sit down with Kinza Mae Baker, Erin Arsenault, Rhoda McLoed and Sheri Inman Monday night.  They are the creative minds that have agreed to be involved in the Art at The Green Man project which will be appearing in the store window June 24th.  Rhoda brought a ton of her artwork for us to gush over in person, and we brought our sketch books and fabric samples.  Well, Kinza and Erin brought their sketch books and fabric samples, I brought one piece that I've been working on and forgot my sketchbook AND the fabric and lace I needed some input on. Sigh.
Sheri has been awesome enough to tag along and take some photos of the process (I'm thinking about asking her to tag along with me everywhere I go and take pics of everything I do).  Here are just a few to whet your appetite.
Kinza discussing one of her design ideas.
Erin's sketchbook with Rhoda's version of 'Venus' .
Erin muses over some fabric.
Me pointing at lace.  Lady in a painting straining to have a look.
Getting a chance to see Rhoda's work in person was great.  She's only been painting for 3 years, and we were all loving seeing the richness of her work.  I changed my mind about 10 times during the evening, but I'm back to the one I originally got inspired by(I think).  I need to make up my mind pretty quickly as the deadline is going to sneak up on me!

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  1. This project makes me miss Charlottetown.... and drinking coffee on Euston.