Thursday, May 26, 2011

Opinonaters VS Mom shorts!!

Everyone has an opinion on Mom shorts.  This season every second girl in the store is either looking for or wearing  a pair.  The only other shorts out there to be worn this year are the super duper short denim shorts full of holes.  And these I have yet to be seen on a pair of bare legs - I say if you aren't brave enough to wear them sans tights then leave them at the store!  Mind you we are still waiting for weather that is truly warm enough for bare legs.  Sigh.  But I have meandered off topic.  Mom shorts.

The Ask:
 Dearest Opinionaters,
Another challenge for you.  The Mom shorts.  High waisted, often pleated, and of an awkward length.  Love them or hate them?  Sexy or a turn-off?  Do they make Scarlett Johansson look frumpy or fabu?

The pics:
Our first Opinionater:
  The Comedian:

Mom Shorts are the antithesis of femininity. An abomination of fashion design.  
Here is why Mom Shorts are a failure as a fashion concept: 
Fashion should allure, entice and/or tantalize.  When a woman wears Mom Shorts, there is no possibility for allure, enticement or tantalization.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that, in Mom Shorts, a woman's lady bits cease to exist. At least from a viewer's perspective. Looking at a woman in Mom Shorts, it is impossible to be enticed by the body and bits hidden beneath the clothes.
Mom Shorts neuter sexual allure.

If you aren't concerned about representing yourself in a feminine way, and only care about comfort, by all means, wear  Mom Shorts.  But be forewarned, they are acceptable attire only for women stranded alone on desert isles, for nuns (who should be asexual anyway), and for plastic dolls.

But if you care, even a bit, about the opinions others form about you, and you would like, even in the smallest way to be considered a sexual being, then you must lay off the Mom Shorts.

Up next:
The Shoe Lover:
There is a reason we make fun of old men who wear their pants up under their looks stupid. Same with the shorts. I think maybe the designers and seamstresses got confused when they heard mom's asking for longer shorts...why would they want to cover their legs they wondered and unsure what to do with the extra fabric added it to the top of the shorts.

No one rocks 'mom shorts' no one.

And last but not least:
The Skateboarder:

There is no way that these could be re-branded by fashions' spin doctor mechanism. Mom shorts is the ultimate and conclusive definition regardless of fabric choice or detailing.

It is hard for Scarlett Johansson to look, what was the word; 'frumpy', but this kind of anti-fit re-proportions the body in an unconventional way. Sure, a good belt seems to help but I bet many women don't have immediate access to a wardrobe that backs up a high waistband.

Rebecca { Ghost World } might have been able to deal with the stigma that is surely attached to adorning such dubious apparel but Silken Floss couldn't even entertain the idea and I think that says a lot..

 So to sum up the Opinionater`s opinions,  An abomination of fashion design, looks stupid,  anti-fit.  Harsh.  Any other opinions out there?  I personally think they look comfy and kind of cute.  I mean come on not everything a girl wears has to exude sexuality.  Sometimes maybe  we want to be sexless. So that's my opinion: Sexless and comfy.  For those that love the look take note, your fashion sense may just run along the lines of man repeller.  To find out for sure take a gander at The Man Repeller blog here.


  1. Mom Shorts only work on women who are the antithesis of the women who wear Mom Shorts.

  2. Oh Wow. dave s you nailed it. Summed it all up in a neat little package and tied it with a bow. It's your blog now.

  3. I think it depends on why the person has chosen the 'mom shorts'. If it is an attempt to hide a belly roll or a fat arse or chunky thighs it won't be successful and the shorts will only make it worse. if you've got a body that is complimented by a high waisted look that is fine.

  4. A lady's perspective: Not everything we wear is for the purpose of being alluring. Well, not everything some people wear. It would be very limiting.

    I enjoy clothing that is interesting, changes my shape and silhouette, and that I can try new things with as far as arranging an outfit. High waist shorts are fun and I think may be the only short option for some people, since regular shorts can just look like a band of fabric that forever rides up or down your body because of their lack of stability. Then, when these bands are made stylish by adding pleats, it just adds extra hip thank you to that.

    High waist shorts, or Mom shorts, are nostalgic and bring images of gym class in the 60's and bouncy long hair to mind. I like tucked in shirts, I like hourglass figures, and I love pleats. Bring on summer and Mom shorts, I'm on for them.

  5. They are inoffensive. That is the best I can say for them...but much more than i can say for the gigantic baggy nylon shorts that i am seeing all kinds of men wearing everywhere this year. Gentlemen....those shorts are meant for the gym. Not the streets. And please you stinky old buggers not the dining room.