Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Dress - Vogue Dress

I have been sitting on a piece of amazing fabric for quite some time now(not literally).  Unsure of what to do with it I've been frozen with cutting fear.  We've all had the fear before...what if I make a mistake? what if this fabric is wrong for this project? what if this is the last piece of fabric I ever like again - very unlikely sure, but when you've got the fear rationality goes out the window. 

Here are just a few reasons this fabric kept giving me the fear:
Reason #1: man bowing to a cow(?)
Reason #2: man juggling plates, balancing an umbrella on his nose WITH a chicken on it!

Reason #3: Monkey Band
You see where I'm at?  Fabric like this doesn't come along every day.  And when it did come my way I only bought 2 meters.  Why only 2 meters you ask?  I DON'T KNOW!  I don't know what was wrong with me.  I should have taken the bolt and run straight out the door.  I'd blame it on some sort of pregnancy brain fog(I blame everything on this), but I found it before I was pregnant, so I'll just blame it on a non-pregnancy related brain fog. 
So for several months two meters of the most awesome  fabric I have ever beheld(exaggeration? maybe, maybe not.) sat on the shelves in my sewing room.  As did a dress pattern I picked up on the same shopping trip.  Now, I don't buy patterns very often.  I generally drape fabric on my mannequin and create my own patterns for my own designs, but for whatever reason on that fateful trip to the fabric store I flipped through the Vogue pattern book and found this:
Vogue pattern #8280
So cute.  Great lines, great fit, and several different ways to finish it.  I bought it.  And I did nothing with it.  It sat, along with the fabric.  Untouched.  For months.  Until suddenly it dawned on me!  I should combine the super cute dress pattern I picked up with the super awesome fabric!
So after a few struggles - I attached the right back side of the dress to the left front side of the dress and vice versa.  Twice - the first time I blame on confusing directions in the pattern notes, the second time I blame that damn pregnancy fog - I created a dress!
Thank-you to my lovely model Kinza who showed up at the store NOT expecting to be modelling.
The dress fits her to a 'T'.
The amazing monkey dress is now on display in The Green Man window if you want to come by and have a gander for yourself.

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