Monday, May 30, 2011

Art and Fashion - Fashion and Art

I've got a new project that is just getting underway.  Can't wait until I have some pics to show you of the pieces being created for a new window display at the store later this month.  Erin Arsenault, Kinza Mae Baker and myself are all working on new designs inspired by the artwork of Rhoda MacLeod(Kinza's Mom).  We are meeting tonight for the first time to see each others sketches and fabric samples etc.  And Sheri Inman local crafty girl and photographer is tagging along to document the whole thing.  I'll be sure to ask Sheri to get shots of the paintings we are working from so you can look for your own inspiration in them.  This is a definite challenge for me as I'm usually way too literal with these things and I'm trying to just sit back and let Rhoda's work do all the talking.  The Buzz(our local 'Guide to What's Going On') was kind enough to print a short press release about us that you can read

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