Friday, April 15, 2011

Quickest Ever DIY - no patience required

After spending the morning  (and the first two hours of the afternoon) cruising blogs full of inspiring DIY projects I was getting a little frustrated.  I wanted to MAKE something.  But I had little to nothing in the way of supplies on hand, and my free time was getting short(due to my excessive blog 'research').
I did however, have a large piece of stretch knit fabric in a nice soft cream color perfect for a Spring scarf.  A spring slasher scarf!  No word of a lie the entire project - including taking the photos - took less then 5 minutes!  Please be polite enough to ignore my horrible pics.  I have no patience today!  On to the DIY:

Step one: You need a rectangle of knit fabric - like  T-shirts are made of.  Actually the bottom of a large T-shirt would be perfect for this.  The width is entirely up to you.  Want a fat scarf?  Make your rectangle wide.  Want a skinny scarf?  Make your rectangle thin.  The length should be approximately the length you want the finished project to be.  You'll notice that my fabric was not cut with a great deal of care - it doesn't need to be.
My fabric rectangle was about 10 inches by a meter long(boy growing up metric in an imperial household really messes with a girl!).
Step two:  Fold fabric accordion style.  The size of the pleats is up to you.  The larger they are the longer you can make your slashes.
Even at this point accuracy is not absolutely needed.

When your long rectangle is all folded up into a little rectangle you are ready for the next step, the slashing!

Step three: Slashing.  Using scissors make cuts along one of the folded sides of your small rectangle.  Be sure to cut through all the layers.  Make your cuts to about the halfway mark.

Slashing through all the layers.

I made my cuts about an inch and half apart. 
After doing the length on one side, turn it around and do the other.

Step four: Unfold and stretch.


let the stretching begin...
After you've stretched all the holes out your scarf will look something like this:

Step five: Wear it!

See, that was easy.