Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Chicest Way to Make a Political Statement

A dear and talented friend has asked me on a number of occasions(twice) to post about local happenings, causes etc.  And so far I have simply ignored her requests.  I don't consider my blog to be a 'local' blog - I'm much more international darlings - however, this cause is a good cause, and it's at least a national issue.  And I realized that though I have a specific idea in my mind of what this blog is, I have never stated it aloud or in print, so really I can write about whatever the hell I want.
We all know about the upcoming election, and most of you probably know about how terrible voter turn out has been in Canada for the last few elections.  So a mighty wave is brewing(sorry it's early, I'm tired, I'm writing about politics), with the intention to sweep over the land and wash voters right to the doors of their respective polling stations.   This Saturday April 16 at Province House in Charlottetown PE at 2:00 people will be gathering to express why they think voting is vital to our democracy.  Films will be made, songs will be sung, and clothing will be worn.

So what is appropriate to wear to such a rally you ask?  Well let's take a look at a few things from the New York Spring/Summer 2011 shows and discuss.
Marc by Marc Jacobs
The perfect look if you're trying to pull off the whole ' ...I didn't realize there was anything going on, I just happened by...' vibe.  In my opinion all three of these looks are perfectly acceptable for attending rallies to encourage voting, and for actual vote casting.

Chris Benz
Perfect!  A little 60's traditional inspiration!  Okay so maybe Benz work is a little more on the mod side then the hippie movement side, but let's face it, you show up at a rally dressed like a hippie in today's day and age and no one is going to take your 'Peace' placard seriously. 

Derek Lam
Okay, this is serious now.  These looks are amazing for a democracy rally.  But please, please, if you show up looking this put together, know your stuff.  The press will want to talk to you.  Really, everyone is going to want to talk to you.  So be prepared.  Know your cause and plan a few intelligent things to say.  Also, wear really big shades so you can get away with one or two comments straight to camera quickly followed by rushing off somewhere, apparently to get something important done.

Hey hipster how you doing?  I'm glad that you look so pulled together while still maintaining that proper balance of " I didn't even try to put this look together.".  Good work.  Thanks for coming out.

Temperley London
And, this is what I'll be wearing.  Well, obviously not look number 3, totally not appropriate for the situation.  And the middle look seems a little  'I try too hard' for my tastes, so I'm going with look 1.  Though of course I'm not actually showing up at the rally, but I'll see you all at the after party.  There is an after party right?

For more info on the Charlottetown rally and/or info on how to organize your own rally  please check out this site:
And while you're there be sure and check out the Everything Matters video.  Because really, my dear insistent friend  is pretty talented.  And she makes a good point.  Vote.  Everything Matters.

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  1. You should critique the wardrobes of the leaders in the French language debates.
    Harper's suit jacket was too small for him and he looked like a little old lady.
    Ignatieff always looks like he's scowling, so I think the pink shirt was a means to make him seem less angry (a dye job on the hair so it matches his eyebrows would be a better solution (or dye the eyebrows)).
    Layton just seems little. That's not a wardrobe critique. He should have worn a bright orange tie though to match the ties of the other leaders.
    The only man who looked like a world leader was Duceppe.