Monday, March 7, 2011

The Search is on...

I have been combing the internet for attractive maternity wear, and in particular a bathing suit.  And  my research has led me to one conclusion - attractive maternity wear just does not exist - in particular maternity bathing suits.  So, I've left maternity wear behind, and have headed in a new direction Emilio Pucci s/s 2011.   I mean why not? 

So for day to day running around there's this:
Perfect for my growing bump.
And for the beach I'm all about exposure, and so is Pucci:
Pregnant? Who cares, this suit will not interfere.

This for me though was the show stopper from his 2011 show:
I may have to wait until after the baby is born before I pull it out of the closet though.  But as soon as it fits I'll know I 'm ready for this:
  I say a month after delivery and I should be good to go.  Right?

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  1. Ha! Some people go so modest and conservative when they're pregnant. I'm just surprised that you're one of them.