Monday, March 21, 2011

Part 3 in the Fanny Pack Trilogy

Here it is ladies and gentleman.  The final fanny pack opinion from our final Opinionater.  I won't re-post the pics that sparked the debate, you can check them out in the previous two fanny pack posts, but I will weigh in with my opinion after this:

The Shoe Lover:
Fanny packs--High Fashion or Cry for Help?

I love the Amazing Race and would love to be racing around the world on someone else's dime trying to find clues and generally just seeing some of the sights. That I don't think I have a friend or relative I wouldn't kill before the end of the trip has deterred me from applying. That--and the fanny packs. I mean--come on people. How short our memories are when it comes to fashion. The fanny pack was not created as a fashion accessory it was on of those practical items that fashion designers shuddered at the sight of. Let's face it. Practical has no place on the runway. Perhaps this is a move to 'bulk up' the models without actually allowing them to eat? My rubenesque frame which has for the moment gone out of fashion would not look stylish with a fanny pack wrapped around the largest part of it and I think many women would agree with me. Besides, how can I wear a fanny pack when my jeans sit half way down my fanny--it would cover the crack!

Me - Green Man Girl
  The general consensus seems to be that fanny packs are unsightly, unfashionable, somewhat useful, but generally frowned upon.  So what's a girl to do?  A few years back I came across a beautiful belted purse.  Black suede, a nice compact size, and with a fringe that hung to just below the knee.  It was perfect!  Gucci had just shown all those amazing fringed boots on the runway(Fall RTW 2008)(which I still lust after), and this was the next best thing.

I had the convenience of the pouch on my hip to carry my cards etc, and the added bonus of a swishing fringe with every step I took.  First stop - the dance floor.  In theory the fanny pack is perfect for a night on the town.  Hands free.  None of the worries usually associated with keeping your purse safe, and no over stuffed pockets.  But in reality, it just didn't work.  The first half of the night was fine. The fringe lived up to it's full potential on the dance floor,  my cash was conveniently at hand all night, but then I had a few drinks.  And every time I went to the bathroom the fanny pack threatened to dunk itself in the toilet. I tried it out on a few other daytime(read: sober) occasions, but the magic was gone.  My fanny pack was making me self conscious.
Regardless of my experience, I love the new fanny packs.  They remind me of the little brown change purse on my brownie uniform.  And I'm kind of regretting parting with my beautiful black fringed pouch.  Maybe I should have given it another chance?  Maybe I should have just waited a season or two until the fashion world caught up with me?  Somewhere out there my fanny pack has a new owner, and to them I say  take advantage of this fickle fashion season to flaunt it.  But if it makes you feel the least bit awkward or uncomfortable, I'll take it off your hands for you.

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  1. I loved that little purse on the Brownie uniform... the belt was always twisted and uncomfortable - but worth it for the purse!