Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Opinionaters - the extended version

I sent out 3 pics to my opinionaters this week, and I've received such well, opinionated answers from them all that I decided each deserves his or her own post(or maybe 'm just being lazy and this is my way of feeling productive- 3 posts in 1 week!).  To begin, the trend we looked at this time around: The Fanny Pack!  Spotted on several of the S/S 2011 runways, a more modernized version of the classic seen here:
  So the challenge issued:
The trend I'm looking at right now is the return of the fanny pack.  I have to ask: Is the return of the fanny pack at least partially due to the use of fanny packs in The Amazing Race?
Jaeger -belt purse(call it what you will, it's a fanny pack).
Jaeger again.
Hermes, Pucci, Furstenburg(Jaeger is in good company).
My first reply came from The Comedian, an honest reflection on the fanny pack resurgence, and how to fit it in to the average wardrobe.

The Comedian:
To me, fanny packs are to fashion what granny underpants are to lingerie: God-Awful to see on someone else, but when you're the wearer, oh so comfortable and practical.  This, of course, is something of an assumption on my part, as I'm a guy and have never actually worn granny underpants.  But there are websites that give me a good idea of what it would be like, and I have stolen a few pairs off an elderly neighbour's clothesline when I was a teenager, so I think I can speak with some authority.
I have had, for quite some time, three fashion-wishes that I've been praying will someday come true:  1) that men can start wearing blouses, 2) fashion-acceptable footwear would come along that equals the comfort of the shunned Crock, and 3) fanny packs once again become popular and functionally fashionable for both sexes.  

So, for you to imply that there may be a return of the fanny pack makes my heart all a-quiver with anticipatory glee.  My only worry is that fanny packs become too fashionable and I'll feel they are outside my conservative fashion-bracket.  I'd also be worried that by wearing something so fashionable, I'd be snuffing out the last glimmer of a punk rocker attitude I maybe once had, well-before punk itself was such a haute coutoure fashion genre.  Actually, my last glimmer of punk rocker attitude finds it hard to imagine myself wearing a fanny pack, regardless of its standing in the fashion world.
Upon reflection, unless I take a stand and just start dressing the way I want (a return to the punk ethos), or become a slave to fashion, I think I am currently neither too cool nor not cool enough to wear a fanny pack.  Either result, I'll still, sadly, need a place to put my keys and cellphone this summer.

On to the photos:
They are all great attempts to make granny underpants look sexy, but I can't get past the fact that even these finely-designed and lovely looking articles of convenience can not stop me remembering myself in the 1990's, decked out with an ugly yet utilitarian black faux-leather fanny pack from Shopper's Drug Mart strapped around my midriff.  What did we ever see in you, cheap ugly fanny pack?

Does Amazing Race have anything to do with a trending return of the fanny pack?  I have noticed that the phrase "fanny pack" is being said more this year in the show than ever before, but I find it hard to believe that The Amazing Race is, in any way, at the forefront of any fashion trend, other than maybe a resurgence in the popularity of t-shirts that say "Harlem Globetrotters".

Kelly, any manly-looking XXL blouses on sale at The Green Man?  I might just have to grant myself a wish and start my own fashion trend.

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  1. there are some really rad ones on etsy - big bows and hip ruffles ones.. awesome