Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dame Vivienne Westwood

 Sorry to any and all of you who read this when I first posted it on Tumblr.  But I love Dame Westwood sooooo much I think you should all lover her too.

Why you should know who she is:
Vivienne Westwood is responsible for making Punk high fashion. She has been a revolutionary designer since her career began in the early 70’s, and has been pushing boundaries ever since.

Westwood made her move from teaching primary school to punk fashion guru in 1971 when her second husband Malcolm MacLaren opened ‘Sex’, a small shop specialising in Punk wear and records. Westwood began making and selling clothing for the shop, drawing inspiration from bikers, prostitutes, and fetishists. Soon after opening the store MacLaren began managing the Sex Pistols who began wearing Westwoods designs onstage.

What has she done since?
She has continued to rebel and shock both on the catwalk and in her personal life. Westwood now close to seventy continues to design her four labels(Gold Label, Red Label, Anglomania, and Man). Her Fall 2010 collection was a classic example of her work, offering up a mix of pieces that could have come from a British grannies closet contrasted with tailored suits and outrageous shrugs and dresses that give the impression that they have simply been thrown onto the models, and are in danger of slipping off and hitting the floor.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Fall/2010 didn’t disappoint.  The tailored jackets and tartan skirts worked in Westwood’s dramatic style give a nod to her knowledge of corsets and Victorian dressmaking.  A little reminiscent of her days at the front of the class perhaps, but in her typical bad girl super sexy way.

And why do I love her so?
Westwood famously wore a sheer dress sans knickers when she received her Order of The British Empire from the Queen in 1992.   And over the years has always taken vocal stands in causes she supports.  Including designing t-shirts and baby wear which read ‘I am not a terrorist, please don’t arrest me’, for British civil rights group Liberty.

Most recently, and perhaps why I love her most of all, after 10 min she walked out of the Premiere of the Sex and The City movie criticising the costuming by stylist Patricia Field as being “…both frumpy and boring.”! Go Dame Westwood! The movie however did feature one of Westwoods wedding gowns, which has since been called the most iconic outfit from the entire series. And a pair of sandals designed for Westwoods S/S 2009 collection made an appearance on the poster for the sequel.

I love Dame Westwood.

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  1. You should know about Tom Binns too; he worked with Westwood back in the day, and he is still at it, total attitude and awesomeness in jewelry.

    I have his stuff at Moss right now. Example:

    -Daniel B.