Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Here's the part where I show a picture to a select group of folks and get their oh so valued opinions. Today's Pics:   The lipstick heel by Alberto Guardiari:

Lipstick shoes.  Yes or No?  FYI- the color can be changed when your not feeling the red.

I brought in a special opinionater this time around.  One of the greatest lovers of shoes I have ever had the pleasure to know.

The Shoe Lover:
Well smack my lips and call me Lefty! These shoes do not make me want to run out and freshen up my wardrobe. What we have here is a shoe designer who has passed their prime. Unable to come up with any new ideas in the design of a great shoe we have--this. Lipstick as a heel. What's next egg beaters? The shoe is a plain black pump. A staple in so many a womans shoe closet but beyond that they lack any personality. Created from a freak accident where the designer dropped her favorite lipstick and as toast with butter always does landed lipstick end down. Hey! What a great idea for a shoe. Ummm, no. What would catch my eye and have me warming up my credit card is a plain black pump with a lipstick on the vamp. Make the lipstick with a clip on the bottom so I can attach it to the shoe. It's trendy and I don't need to worry about carrying my clutch with me. Lipstick on the right foot perfume atomizer on the right.

What happened to effort and thought in design?

The Comedian:

Generally speaking, I'm not a fan of gimmicks. I don't like the Statue of Liberty play in football and I don't like when an evil twin shows up in a TV show.
However, the lipstick heel shoe gimmick (and it is a gimmick) works because it achieves what it's supposed to do: catch your eye and make the viewer look down there.  Woman walks by in the Parisian night-club, wearing those, and you will stop your conversation about Marxism and you will notice the red. (And red is the only colour that will work for this shoe)  "Someone's heel, it is bleeding", you will say in a French accent, only to discover it's the old lipstick heel gimmick.
After that first notice, however, it's up to the woman wearing them, to ensure that the viewer's eyes leave the red dart of lipstick and travel up to the calf and beyond.
Not any woman can wear this shoe, though. It takes a woman with confidence. A woman with sexual energy.  A lean, long legged lady.
In fact, maybe only one woman can wear it:  Kathleen Turner.  But not the Kathleen Turner of today.  The Kathleen Turner of her prime (and, coincidentally, of my dreams).

Thumbs up to the lipstick heel shoe.

The Sea Captain:
Lipstick shoes are not the kind of thing I would ever notice a woman wearing.  The only footwear I notice on women is thigh high stripper boots.  I guess if I did notice my initial reaction would probably be, "That's weird."  Let's face it though, If I resort to looking at her shoes it's probably because the conversation isn't very stimulating...or because she doesn't have a very nice bum.
There you have it folks.  A pretty split panel on this one.  Your thoughts?

Last minute opinion from our very own Skateboarder:
These definitely exude some Bonfire of the Vanities-era decadence. However, as we should have realized back then, fashion isn't meant to be fun. It's 'knives out or get off the roof' serious.

Am I the only one who thinks these are destined for the discount warehouse or is it possible that even the workers at the shoe factory were rolling their eyes at each other over the production line?

Too novelty to become a classic, too absurd to have mass appeal. A quick-release-style, interchangeable heel though? Now we're getting serious.

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