Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chanel ready-to-wear Spring/Summer 2011

An eighty piece orchestra, an entire garden including three working fountains re-created from 'Last Year at Marienbad'(which is reportedly the most boring movie ever made, anyone seen it?).   The sheerest lightest fabrics and feathers mixed with classic Chanel tweeds.   Over 80 models!  An 18 minute runway show!  How can you go wrong?  I really wanted to like this show, but I just didn't.  There are looks that I really loved, but they seemed few and far between.  Maybe the sheer numbers diluted the show somewhat?  Here are a few of the best and worst(according to me).  And don't forget to check out the shoes, some of the choices baffle me.  They look like geriatric platforms.


Just really not nice.  Not in any way.

I have no words for those sleeves and collar.

I realize that the film that Lagerfeld used for inspiration was made in 1960, but really? 

This on the other hand is gorgeous! Except for the damn shoes!

Hot.  Head to toe.  Love it.
Awesome, and totally relevant.
The worst offender I think was these babies:

If you're going to do platform thigh high leather, do it right.  Like McQueen did.

Thank you Alexander McQueen

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  1. re the shoeboot thingys - clarks meets s&m. boo.